Angeyama Jeffrey

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#12 Angeyama Jeffrey


Angeyama Jeffrey

Central Midfielder | #12 | Atlanta Royals Football Academy


Angeyama Jeffrey, a rising star in the Atlanta Royals Football Academy midfield, brings a blend of technical skill, tactical awareness, and tireless work ethic to the pitch. The young Nigerian midfielder (born February 2, 2009) stands at 179cm and possesses a well-rounded skillset that makes him a key player in controlling the flow of the game.

Playing Style:

Angeyama is a technically gifted player with excellent close control and passing ability. He dictates the tempo of play from the center of the park, spraying accurate passes to teammates and initiating attacks. His tactical intelligence allows him to read the game effectively, intercept passes, and break up opposing attacks. Angeyama’s tireless work ethic ensures he covers significant ground throughout the match, contributing to both offense and defense.

Looking Ahead:

Angeyama’s dedication to the sport and his ever-developing skillset make him an exciting prospect for the Atlanta Royals Football Academy. With continued development and experience, Angeyama has the potential to become a central midfield maestro, directing play and influencing games at the highest level.

Height 179CM
Position CM
Nationality Nigeria

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