Ukoko Robert

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#2 Ukoko Robert


Ukoko Robert

Center Back | #2 | Atlanta Royals Football Academy


Ukoko Robert, a commanding center back from Nigeria, forms the bedrock of the Atlanta Royals Football Academy’s defense. Standing at a formidable 184cm (born September 7, 2006), Ukoko uses his height and strength to dominate aerial battles and shut down opposing attackers.

Playing Style:

Ukoko is a calm and composed defender, adept at reading the game and anticipating threats. His leadership qualities make him a vocal presence on the backline, marshalling his teammates and ensuring defensive organization. Ukoko’s ability to distribute effectively from the back helps launch attacks and transition smoothly from defense to offense.

Looking Ahead:

Ukoko’s focus, determination, and defensive prowess make him a vital player for the Atlanta Royals Academy. As he continues to refine his skills and leadership qualities, Ukoko has the potential to become a cornerstone of any backline.

Height 184CM
Weight 69KG
Position Central Back
Nationality Nigeria

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