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About Us


“Our mission at Atlanta Royals Football Academy is to provide a holistic platform for aspiring footballers, offering elite training, mentorship, and a supportive environment for skill development. We are committed to honing technical prowess, tactical understanding, and personal growth while instilling values of teamwork, resilience, and integrity. Through dedication and innovation, we aim to empower our players to excel on the pitch and in life, shaping them into well-rounded individuals and future leaders in the world of football.


“At Atlanta Royals Football Academy, our vision is to become the beacon of football excellence, nurturing passionate young athletes to reach their highest potential. We aspire to create a culture of determination, skill mastery, and sportsmanship, fostering a legacy of success that transcends boundaries and inspires the footballing world.”


To build one of the leading academies in the continent and beyond.


Excellence: Striving for the highest standards of performance both on and off the field, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and commitment to achieving greatness.

Integrity: Upholding honesty, fairness, and ethical conduct in all aspects of the game, emphasizing respect for teammates, opponents, coaches, and officials.

Teamwork: Promoting collaboration, unity, and mutual support among players, coaches, and staff, understanding that success is achieved through collective effort.

Discipline: Instilling the importance of dedication, perseverance, and self-control, cultivating habits that lead to personal and team success.

Development: Fostering a growth mindset, prioritizing the holistic development of players—technically, tactically, physically, and mentally—to reach their full potential.

Respect: Embracing diversity, inclusivity, and treating everyone with dignity, creating an environment where differences are celebrated and valued.

Sportsmanship: Emphasizing fair play, humility in victory, and graciousness in defeat, shaping individuals who exemplify exemplary behaviour on and off the pitch.

Passion: Cultivating a deep love for the game, igniting and nurturing the enthusiasm that drives players to excel and pursue their football dreams.

Latest Results

Atlanta Royals Football Academy
1 - 0
Azania FC
December 5, 2023
Brave Royals FC
2 - 1
Accra Great Olympics FC
December 9, 2023
Winkot FC
0 - 1
Brave Royals FC
January 13, 2024
Brave Royals FC
1 - 0
Madina United FC
January 20, 2024

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